Radio Nostalgia Greek Radio


It all started in the mid 80s ... an aluminum chassis, enameled wire, a lamp, some capacitors ... and construction basis of a draft from Italy begins .... some 24 hour later the manufacturing goes into operation .... the arrangements made .... and .... "WE ARE ON THE AIR"...!!!

Endless sleepless nights, was sitting in front of the lamps like love and to dawdle, to the smell, to tease them. I crush the variable capacitors, coils, all teasing .... Dont count the electric fuses... Let the securities then were burning at home. Truly endless hours in front of the microphone and telephone dedications, in a small area surrounded by vinyl records.

Truly endless hours of travel and the magic of FM, but really endless and times and adventures (and also the chase from the police authorities)!

Was really Madness, to do talks in the air until the morning to have ups and downs countless times all kinds of antennas from a simple dipol, 5/8, Ground Plane, Yagi, Collinear, what every you can think ... i spent "a tone" of money for transmitters, lamps, bases, and this dishonest varicap continue burned... emissions to pleasure both personal and my listeners, without any commercial exploitation, and music depending on the mood of the moment and not according to the "paid list" of the record companies.

Since that time .... madness dies not my friends ... and now vacant due to lack of frequency "welcoming band of FM" can I start again, "as ham pirate radio" on the web ... Although never digest condition "ham" always prefer and I prefer ... "FM radio lover."

As our old FM station, so our website will remain "amateur" for the whole world... 

Always yours

"Dimitris - Studio 4.20"

"We are on air... as the old days...!!!"